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EM-3c - Extrusion

Short Description


The EM-3c is specifically designed for small plastics extruders but is packed with the features of the popular EM-3 Extrusion Control System.

The operator interface is either a MACO Compact running Microsoft CE.net or the rugged OPtima Touch PC running Wonderware InTouch™ and can be used just for extruder temperature and pressure control or complete line control.


A building block architecture has been used to create a standard implementation of an extrusion control system that is applicable to many extrusion processes. Standard control system definitions save valuable engineering time and expense.

Preprogrammed components can be connected for true out-of-the-box performance. These built-in functions manage temperature, pressure, and line speed. Ramping and bumpless transfer ensures smooth processing. The temperature card is designed specifically for single-screw, twin-screw, co-extrusion or blown film applications. Fully automatic adaptive tuning (as well as conventional tuning) is provided. Predefined screens and sequence logic greatly simplify installation and setup.

Applications that match the predefined screens and logic will not require additional programming. For applications that differ, installers can use the predefined application as the basis for custom control.


  • Adaptive Auto-tuning Temperature Control for Precise Control
  • Melt Pressure Control
  • Extrusion Process Monitoring and Alarming
  • Security Password Protection
  • Bumpless Transfers
  • Alarm Logging
  • Historic Trending
  • Multi-lingual for Global Use
  • Ethernet Communications for Simplified Installation

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