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MKP / PKP Advanced Temperature Controller / Programmer (96x96 mm or 48x96 mm)

Σύντομη περιγραφή

The MKP/ PKP is a versatile high performance ramp/soak programmer. A wide range of hardware combinations and special software functions make these instruments highly flexible and suitable for a wide range of advanced control and profiling applications. Designed to offer outstanding control performance and provide a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of applications such as furnace and and atmosphere control, environmental and growth chambers and time activated flow and level control.


  • Smart Tune-PID Control
  • 200 Step Programmer, Up to 90 Programs, 5 PID Groups
  • Tracking and guaranteed soak functions
  • Real time clock and calendar
  • Main Input TC, 3 wires RTD and linear mA, mV, V
  • Aux-remote set point/trim Input
  • CT Input - Load current monitoring
  • 2 Isolated Control and retransmission outputs (mA, V)
  • 4 Event or outputs (PKP) , 14 Event or outputs (MKP)
  • 3 Logic Inputs (PKP), 11 Logic Inputs (MKP)
  • Output linearisation
  • 24V DC Transmitter power supply
  • RS485 Modbus serial comms option
  • OPC based graphical configuration software
  • IP65 and NEMA 4x Front protection

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